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Quality control in the fashion industry is our specialization, we do it with passion, professionalism and technological innovation to guarantee our customers the quality and conformity of their products.

Experts since 2003 in inspections and audits in the high-end leather goods, clothing and footwear sector.

We specialize in high-end leather goods, clothing and footwear, we deal with inspections of raw materials and finished garments, audits and technical consultancy, with professionalism and customization for each customer, operating in the major manufacturing countries of Europe, Mediterranean Area and Asia.



Our solutions contemplate three main fields: Quality Control, on raw materials and finished garments in different stages of processing in order to be able to intercept problems and apply corrective actions during production and before delivery of the goods. Audit, to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the manufacturer, by 

evaluating technical, organisational, qualitative and safety aspects in compliance with international standards. Technical consultancy, which focuses on the validation of all samples and reference material for production, ensuring maximum efficiency and quality.



Our expertise is expressed in five main areas: leather goods and accessories, fashion clothing, sportswear clothing, outdoor clothing and footwear. With many years of experience and cooperations with prestigious international brands, we offer rigorous quality controls, from preventive inspections of the leather to inspections of finished garments.

In the sportswear and outdoor sector, our managerial experience and in-depth knowledge of products and fabrics allow us to address the unique challenges of these categories, including the fusion of fashion and outdoor. Each area benefits from our specialization, allowing us to express a strong critical sense aimed at the pursuit of quality.



In a complex scenario and with continuous changes it is essential to manage data in real time, our company uses a digital platform, interconnected between customer and supplier, which immediately translates the acquired data into 

usable data through real-time analysis and reporting tools helping the customer to make quick and sound decisions.

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