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Our expertise

Leather bags

and accessories

We boast a long experience and specialization in the field of leather goods and accessories, we work closely with some of the most important Italian and English luxury brands with which we have set up customized methodologies for brands with stringent control standards for one of the most complex product category. For this product category we also take care of the preventive control of the leather in tannery or arriving to the warehouse in order to be able to guarantee the quality level throughout all the production chain. Our inspectors are loyal and over the years have developed a strong critical and qualitative sense in this field.



It is a product category that does not accept compromises, perfection is the natural expectation of the customer and the final consumer. We use very stringent AQL levels or 100% controls and set up the procedures in close collaboration with the brands. The great experience gained in the field of luxury leather goods is a natural outlet for us in this product category.



We have a team of inspectors specialized in this product category with backgrounds on many international brands. Different problems from the Luxury field but no less relevant such as for example dimensional problems and colour stability in the washing or garment dyeing processes or the complexity of outwear garments.



In this sector we boast a deep knowledge of Outwear products and functional products as well as of fabrics and their technical characteristics which are a fundamental part in the design of finished garments. The fusion that has taken place in recent years between the Fashion world and the Outdoor world is interesting, which has led many Fashion brands to design products with technical characteristics peculiar to the Outdoor world or to collaborate between Fashion brands and Outdoor brands. Having both knowledge we have ease of access to these new product categories.


We have a consolidated experience in the field of footwear quality control having worked for prestigious brands. It is a very diversified product category that uses a multitude of ever-changing materials and with many production processes, therefore it requires constant updating also by the inspectors.

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