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About us



Our company, Italian-owned and based in Hong Kong, was founded in 2003.
It distinguishes itself from large generalist inspection companies as it has a precise specialization in the high-end leather goods, clothing and footwear product categories.
We manage raw material inspections, finished garments and In-line inspections on behalf of the customer. We also deal with technical and social audits of production plant.

We only do this with great know-how, responsibility and customization for each client.



Our values are responsibility towards customers whose eyes we are at their production bases, honesty in assessments and relationships, professionalism and trust. Confidentiality is our prerogative.



Our mission is to provide added value to our customers so that their quality, safety and social responsibility processes allow them to prevent risks and improve performance.

Provide personalized service and not with a standard format as provided by the generalist firms.

Accompany customers in the repositioning of productions with new production bases or new countries.

Technological innovation, our goal is to create a digital network between customer, service provider and manufacturer that can communicate in real time.



Our team is made up of highly loyal inspectors and supervisors who can count on highly specialized know-how in the high-end textile and leather goods sector.
The company managers have a managerial background in international companies in the textile and leather goods sector and can provide great experience and support.


We operate from our Hong Kong office in several manufacturing countries where our inspectors reside:

China – Hong Kong – Vietnam – Cambodia – India – Bangladesh – Myanmar – Italy – Turkey – Tunisia – Morocco – Portugal

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